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next update

when is the next update


Wish this game would have a different sign up method. I don’t have a Facebook so that means I can’t play. Please add a google account or have your own sign up method like most games do. For this reason I’m giving this game 1 star.


This game satisfies all my needs for bleach. I’m a free to play player, and still have a blast. I love it

Great Game!

It’s an overall great game! It takes time to really build up. That’s half the fun. I’ve been playing for around 6 months now and haven’t missed a day.

I’m not sure how I feel

I have addressed this issue many times and have been answered saying it will be fixed but please, the game crashes every time I try to go into a new level. Try to get this fixed thanks!

Please fix accounting

I can switch to another account. Please remove auto login, as it doesn't allow me to use my own Facebook account, and keep logging in my sisters account. Please fix

FALSE advertising

The ads promoting this game are completely misleading and are straight up lies. Edit: so the developer responds by just saying I will love the game. That does not help in the slightest. DO NOT download

I don’t have Facebook

I don’t want to use face book to sign in plz fix the app to where u can use your google account or anything else with your own email and password plz

🔥Facebook literally FACEBOOK 🔥

What is this? Do you really think that everyone has a Facebook account? Seriously I can’t even play because of that and I’m a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG fan of bleach, so add like gmails or something you could make easily!

Facebook and FALSE ADVERTISING! Developer please respond promptly.

The game is going after twelve year olds and requires you to have a Facebook account. This could be a biiiiiiggggg issue, I mean, it is a big issue. What twelve year old would have a Facebook account. That’s unsafe and messed up. Fix ASAP by giving different options for making an account. Now with the false advertising. I came to this game thinking it actually would be better than naruto. AND I also was so exited to see a game like this in 3D! This is a trap for little kids who actually want to enjoy the game that was advertised to them. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! Your advertising should be fixed, you should make the game look like the game that was advertised, or take down this game. If not fixed, officials will be notified. Also, app support needs to be fixed. Whenever you try to go into it, it says it could not be found. All these things mentioned better be fixed by the developer to avoid any problems.

Good game

The game is good all in all, the fights are a little repetitive but that’s always the case for games like this. I give it four stars however because I was tricked into false advertisement. What I saw on YouTube was Lala(from to love ru)and Naruto from well Naruto AND Date a Live characters

Wasted money

Yeah that's about 60 bucks wasted cause that decided to switch apps for whatever reason they wanted.

Couldn’t log in.

The only way log in is with Facebook and I don’t have one anymore. I refuse to get one just for this game.

The game won't load!

Every time I open the game it crashes! please fix it

Better than Battlefront Two


fix the login

i cant even pass the log in at fb it just says u cant do it this time its been 8hrs now wth fix it

Free to play

Even if you don’t pay, you can still work your way up to the top. The only time you would pay is when you’re impatient for results. Just take your time and enjoy the game. People just need to overall stop complaining about a game being all about money. They need to figure out that money needs to be spent in order to keep the server running, let alone provide grand updates. All the items and characters that you could ever need or want within the game is achievable with time. It’s just the impatient losers that complaining it’s all about the money.


Has anyone figured out how to use the new chest?

Rage against this game

I just unlocked full hollow ichigo and the game updated and now all my progress is gone and i also just payed for some gems in this game cuz i likes it so I’d thought to give them money and that’s all gone now to xc I want my profile back plz

Can not download update

Went to play game and it needs to be updated to the newest one, but when I click on it to start it,it doesn’t show or let me start download, did this one time before when doing so it deleted all my stuff, I hope y’all can fix it,thx

The game is free

All the people complaining about having to pay to win is ridiculous. I’m not vip and I win all the time against people who are vip. You only have to put money in if you are impatient and can’t take the time to enjoy the game. Also the verification of payment when downloading doesn’t mean you have to pay again it’s just asking for verification of your apple account. I have to do it for all kinds of free apps. The wording is off a little.

Like this game

I got give this game a 4 star only because they do a poor job explaining things after you update. I thought i lost all my progress after an update. I didn’t know I was on the wrong server. It would have been helpful if after the update I had instructions that let me know I didn’t lose my progress it’s on another server. If they come with better instructions this would be a five star from me.


Once you start stopping is Inevitable


I enjoy this game more then brave souls


Is anyone else having a problem with trying to play but it keeps saying that the game needs a newer version, but when you click it, it goes to the app and says open?


It’s telling me to download the latest version but all it does it take me to the version I already have. Why is this happening?

The game is advancing greatly, however,

The game is going very greatly, however in the purgatory trial, when I try to get my rewards, it won’t open up for some reason, and when I try to upgrade my kido sometimes, it wouldn’t upgrade. I thought it was my phone at first, but I ran some test and it wasn’t. Please fix this ASAP. Other than that I give this game 5 stars.

Can't claim rewards

The game is great but after the latest update it is not letting me claim my rewards in purgatory trail or memory path.

Just unsatisfied

So first of all I play daily, and I’m a vip 15. Yet somehow I constantly lose to people with Ichigo because he is super imba. There is no balance in this game at all. Secondly, why is there a Chinese version of this game I see on YouTube that has basically 99% of the format but with way more characters? Dansgame explain? Lastly, I try to cash many times. And (1) they always charge me extra for example when I click on paying $14.99 they actually charge me $27ish. It’s different everything but definitely more than what’s shown. (2) sometimes Apple says I successfully paid, and my bank agree but the game doesn’t. What’s up with that?

Good game, but new update is buggy

This game is awesome! Love playing it...but the new update as of yesterday for iPhone X had made a few bugs in the game: can’t collect memory path daily reward, can’t collect purgatory trial rewards, and it won’t allow me to increase some characters’ skills.

New update

As of right now I can't access the game because it's being updated. It says my version is too low and it goes to the App Store. But it goes too the exact same game. It's an endless loop. Could you find away to fix this please. This is one of my favorite games. I would usually give it 5 stars, but this has me give it a 4.

Money sink

The game has ok graphics and visuals. However its nothing but a money sink! It cost money to get the items you need. I am regretting the fact that i started playing this game. Development team stop making this about money!


I had the original game. I used money and I lost it all with this new version. I sent a message a month ago to the support. NO REPLY.


Is not true I tried to get my account back by contacting them and they lied they told me that the account was for another developer they really rip me off is not fair I paid a lot of money and time to get my players to a high levels

Help me!!

Disappointed I have been playing this game for monthsi buy all the time and I spent 20 dollars today and your game stole my money I didn't receive my magatamas I bought one for 14.99 and one for 4.99 and got nothing in return now I'm scared to purchase anything any more

I need help

I need to connect them to get my old data

Why cannot play the game now

Why cannot play the game now

Glitch please fix

There is a glitch where in cooking it suddenly had Rukia and orihime only wearing aprons instead of the kimonos as well as the Aprons.

Lots of Fun.

This easily kills 2-3 hours a day which is especially good since I work overnight and have nothing to do most of the time. Does need way more characters and a little balancing. But I don’t see what the big deal is with all the complainers leaving reviews. It’s a free game. If you can’t AFFORD to get cooler characters because you’re broke AND impatient then maybe you shouldn’t be playing or just stay quiet and enjoy what you can. I really like the game and it’s a lot of fun. More Updates Please!

Pay to win

The game is not balanced! Who ever has the highest Renatus wins. I have been playing since it was introduced even in the hospital, my charters are maxed on everything and getting owned by a higher Renatus. That’s fine and all but when you look at team powers and I’m 70,000 to 80,000 stronger it’s not ok. I’m not spending 2 grand to raise my Renatus to the next level. My point is all my hard work is pushed aside by kids with a higher reatsu. Show me the math that reatsu trumps special training, dating, ranking up, kido, weapon training, and connection levels. Don’t waste your time here move on. Hey developer, I didn’t lose my account. So your reply is irrelevant.

One star boring end game content

Hi your game is nothing but a money hungry app you lack updating the game you upgrade it once every 9 months that’s pretty sad n the updates are small last updated just added 3 chars and a more money hungry system that provides no real game mechanics but a more pay to win aspect to me I regret paying anything for this game it’s not even a game really you barely play n when you it’s vs AI no real time play nothing to prove at all even when you reach top 1 just the fact that you’re dumb and are supporting some theif who’s just translating content.


need to update more!!!


Downloaded only to give it a bad review. False advertisement. Using gameplay from J Star Victory Vs. as bait and switch for this garbage.

Cant wait

I can’t wait till the next update I need it now 😂

Game is good however...

A couple of things I'd like to express as bad factors of this game. People who have money will obviously win in fights because they can buy more Magatama, right? That being said this new Reiatsu thing, is stupid. If someone has more soul blades you take damage literally FOR NO REASON! A couple of other things. I don't think it's fair that you lose a fight just because someone has a super healer (orihime/Aizen) I do not think it's fair that just because the timer runs out and the person you're fighting has one character that continuously heals them self and you have all three of your characters that you lose that isn't fair I think it should be either tied, or rematched with someone. Automatic loss just because you couldn't beat them in the time frame is ridiculous because people in soul trial will lose for the timer, people in purgatory lose because they have orihime and the timer runs out and you get an automatic loss. Also shards, shards are next to impossible to get for certain characters like Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Shinji, and Kensei there should be more options for other players to get the shards even if it's through a certain episode of the game or a low drop rate just give them something when they aren't freaking VIP 12....same goes for the blood hogyokous, unless you're playing roulette which is money shaking to begin with you only get ONE if you're lucky....


I can't play the game without having to sign into Facebook and I don't have it!!! :(

Login via Facebook

Is the entire point of this app to harvest Facebook passwords?

Best Game Ever

This is the best game ever because the quality and gameplay is amazing also the graphics is amazing To thanks for creating this epic game

Why is Facebook a necessity


Th worst ever

This game is horrible don't get it the game won't even let me on it crashes every time I click on start

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