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When is the update going to happen with the Blut Vene System and the new characters? It should had been now but there is not one

Game great for bleach lovers

This game overall is very good.It is very hard to get the basics of the game and everything on the menu but is still very fun.I hope everybody enjoys this wonderful game.

You need work

You guys to put more frequent updates

My acccount

I already asked the gm in the game but they responded so late but the game is good and f2p friendly to a limit I honestly disagree with the fact that quick upgrade and etc is behind a pay wall not very user friendly also that some characters are too hard to get which are literal game breakers once ur high in arena or in power also duel of fate is too low of what ur getting with the difficulty and power difference ur facing and make the cuisines 100% guarantee or at least do that for weekends and also we need more events and more f2p ones especially tired of the same pay to win spend 1000 magnatas for special characters and the rates are tooo low anyway just make the game more user friendly without putting money behind ur game is too good to be just a cash grab for whales


I wanna know what is the difference between this game and spiritual awakening battles


I like it


Pls update

You can’t win if you don’t put $100 into the game

With the reboot a while ago and the addition of Reiatsu this game has been destroyed and nothing has changed for the better since then. You can’t get reiatsu with out paying and this game isn’t fun with out opening up your wallet it’s no longer a choice.

Death Awake

This game isn’t possible unless you are willing to drop thousands of dollars weekly into it. It was fun at launch but now it’s unplayable. I rate it less than 1 star.

Cash Cow

The only thing the developers care about is player spending money. They don’t spend time updating glitches or adding new characters. But they find time to offer ways for you to “top up” or spend your money. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 I’ve been playing this game for about a year. And non of The characters that you see on YouTube have been added to the American version of this game

I lost everything

About 6 days ago I opened my game and it completely restarted my game stats and everything. All of the characters that I have worked so hard for were gone and I had to restart everything from the beginning. If there is a way to fix this. I would like to know. I used the same Facebook account to login.

Buggy and wont give you everything you earned

There has been a lot of times where I collect different chests and materials and then when I use them the game will show a loading/connection circle and will take forever. Once it ends I should get materials to increase the power of my characters but it just kicks you back to the home screen, and when you go back it shows that you used up all of your chests and you get nothing from it. Tried to conntact the GM and nothing has been done in compensation or anything. It’s a waste to put money in the game because you won’t get anywhere near what you put into it

Boo Facebook

Really like this game and have put 15$+ into game and recently deactivated my Facebook account and can no longer play the game on my iPhone and have probably lost my account forever.

Lost account

When I deleted the game because the game was acting up but then when I redownloaded it and went back into my account it shows that I’m starting a new game, am I supposed to play the tutorial then it’ll show that I can go back to my account or am I suppose to start the game all over again if that’s the case then I’m never playing this again Edit: I just completely lost my account now after I made a new account without realizing it I just now saw the instructions on how to restore my account and now all that shows up is the new account. Can you pleas restore my account my name is Nepgear and I’m in server 15 please restore my account


I lost all my stuff

Game issue

The dev team are excellent! Responded to my ticket very quickly! Problem fixed! Would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys bleach!! Thanks devs!!!

Cannot log in

I love this game but I cannot log. It keeps saying failed to verify log in.

No one ever replies to messages

It’s 4-16-2018. I bought in game content. It glitched. I tried again. It double charged me but only gave me the content once. I emailed them on every platform asking for a refund or at least give me the content but nothing. Every few months they release an update crashing the login system. It becomes annoying. The game is fun. Animations are nice. They just struggle with support. I wouldn’t invest in this game.


My app won’t let me log in wats the problem

Great mostly

This game has good game play; the art work and combat system are solid; the reward system is fairly balanced. The only real problem is the auto-battle system used in some of the game modes. It's complete trash. So many times you'll enter a battle with extremely higher stats and your characters will just sit around and get mopped.

Can’t login

I’m level 60 and now I can’t login at all get error when I try please fix

System Notice

Even though I uncheck the system notice box, they keep appearing on the screen. That’s really ruins the game play for me.

For gods sake

fix the dam problem with the game not being able to start. This is the 3rd time ive had to redownload the app to re login its getting annoying at this pont

Most recent update can’t log into my account

I have a vip 15 level 90 account with 17 million power and I can’t log in anymore. No response from the staff

from today it's not connecting

PLEASE Check the app, it's not connecting at all from today

Lost everything with update

Had the old awakebleach app and when i updated to this new version all my progress was reset after i had paid money on my account the game developers have not responded to any of my questions

Pretty good but one problem

So I really like the game and it’s very fun and enjoyable. It’s definitely taken a while to farm for all of the later rank hogyoku’s but it usually doesn’t bother me that much. However, coming back to the farming, sometimes it is really annoying when I’m in the middle of farming and it says I can do anything because I’m out of stamina. Now I know you can buy more stamina with special currency but I can’t get those very often and I don’t buy any of the passes. Other than that I think it’s really great game, I just wish there was a way to get more stamina.

Great bleach game

It is a fun game. Half the game is auto fighting and the other half is you controlling the character you choose and fight until there is a winner! I love this game! You don’t have to spend money to win in the game but it helps a lot if you do. If you have the time to play it then you won’t want to stop Day after day. The updates are nice and I can’t wait for more! For a free game there is nothing more you could ask for!

Very happy

I had a problem with my account due to a upgraded phone I personally thought all my work would have done was gone and I actually gave up trying so I gave it one more try and contacted the company and to my surprise I got it back. Thank you for all your help


This game is trash. It constantly crashes and it's built so it takes your item/chance before the battle so if it crashes you get nothing and when it reloads your items or chances are gone. It crashes maybe every third time I try to battle in any area wether it's story or the arena or anything. The app support link goes to a dead site.

A true review

This game is great, I’ll start with that. I’ve had a couple issues, all of them solved by the dev team who compensated me more than I even lost. It is very pay to win in later levels. I see people near my level with only 1m power (I have 3.5) and they cannot continue the story until they level up more. Early game is overall fun and fair. The soundtrack is okay often taking music from the anime, I think the menu and fights are all original though. Controls are easy to learn took me half a second to realize how it worked. Be prepared to drop money every week, paychecks will be spent, but it’s fun overall. Gameplay : 5 Sound : 4 Controls : 5 Support : 5 P2W: 3 4/5

Good game only thing that’s holding it back is all the bugs and cheaters

Good game just a lot of cheaters and pay to win players who lie to the devs for more free stuff giving them an unfair advantage and the chats are not moderated and there’s still no report button to report cheaters with


Love this game it’s amazing

Great feel for mobile game

Nice to be able to play and evolve your favorite characters


One error i get is that i have two facebooks and switching from Accounts is hard,i switch to changes accounts from time to time.please and thank you 🔥💀 i have my brother who has his account on a Different sever number still real impossible

Great game but hard to communicate with devs

I always have trouble resolving top up issues that occur in game and recently I can’t even contact the Facebook page and I’ve used $120 and haven’t received what I paid for

Need help with my game

Ive been really loving this game been playing almost 2 years with no problem but know its so buggy and glitchy i can hardly play it at all and it lags so much that the app just closes it self down. I cant do any fights or challenges that involves other players teams. I would really like to get this figured out as again i really enjoy this game and have put quit a bit of money into it and will gladly spend more but if keeps up lagging like how it is im just going to have to stop playing and i truly don't want too.


Worst app ever, all they'll do is take your money and laugh about players complaints. Pay to win literally, characters that are only available with money. Don't download!!!!!!

Thank you

Thanks for improving the controller now I am happy.

Awful customer support.

I was double charged on an in game purchase. They have wasted well over an entire month. Having me jump through hoops and resending the same info. I don’t recommend anyone playing this game.

I approve

Pretty good game


Great game iv been playing for a while now and I really like it... I’d recommend my friends to play....5 stars for sure

Cool game

Interesting game but the sound effects and voices needs to be updated seriously



Love this game

Big fan of the Manga this game helps me get thru workflow


Still currently have an issue with an in app purchase not giving me the items I purchased. It’s been four days and I’ve attempted to contact them every way they give me. The “app support” in the store returns a 404 error. The in game chat they haven’t responded to me in 4 days and finally Facebook which again they haven’t responded to me in 4 days.


It gives diverse opportunities to choose who you want to work on and who you like playing with

Amazing game

The combat setup is amazing and the moves are accurate to the anime while keeping the gameplay fun all in all 11 out of 6

Sincere review

I really enjoy this game. The grinding can be annoying but the gameplay is very tight and rewards you for taking control of your character and not auto battling in missions. Arena matches are all handled automatically and there is a clever Rock Paper Scissors mechanic as well as positional decision to it. All in all I look forward to what improvements are coming with the game.

Love it

Amazing game

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