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Is not true I tried to get my account back by contacting them and they lied they told me that the account was for another developer they really rip me off is not fair I paid a lot of money and time to get my players to a high levels

Help me!!

Disappointed I have been playing this game for monthsi buy all the time and I spent 20 dollars today and your game stole my money I didn't receive my magatamas I bought one for 14.99 and one for 4.99 and got nothing in return now I'm scared to purchase anything any more

I need help

I need to connect them to get my old data

Why cannot play the game now

Why cannot play the game now

Glitch please fix

There is a glitch where in cooking it suddenly had Rukia and orihime only wearing aprons instead of the kimonos as well as the Aprons.

Lots of Fun.

This easily kills 2-3 hours a day which is especially good since I work overnight and have nothing to do most of the time. Does need way more characters and a little balancing. But I don’t see what the big deal is with all the complainers leaving reviews. It’s a free game. If you can’t AFFORD to get cooler characters because you’re broke AND impatient then maybe you shouldn’t be playing or just stay quiet and enjoy what you can. I really like the game and it’s a lot of fun. More Updates Please!

Pay to win

The game is not balanced! Who ever has the highest Renatus wins. I have been playing since it was introduced even in the hospital, my charters are maxed on everything and getting owned by a higher Renatus. That’s fine and all but when you look at team powers and I’m 70,000 to 80,000 stronger it’s not ok. I’m not spending 2 grand to raise my Renatus to the next level. My point is all my hard work is pushed aside by kids with a higher reatsu. Show me the math that reatsu trumps special training, dating, ranking up, kido, weapon training, and connection levels. Don’t waste your time here move on. Hey developer, I didn’t lose my account. So your reply is irrelevant.

One star boring end game content

Hi your game is nothing but a money hungry app you lack updating the game you upgrade it once every 9 months that’s pretty sad n the updates are small last updated just added 3 chars and a more money hungry system that provides no real game mechanics but a more pay to win aspect to me I regret paying anything for this game it’s not even a game really you barely play n when you it’s vs AI no real time play nothing to prove at all even when you reach top 1 just the fact that you’re dumb and are supporting some theif who’s just translating content.


need to update more!!!


Downloaded only to give it a bad review. False advertisement. Using gameplay from J Star Victory Vs. as bait and switch for this garbage.

Cant wait

I can’t wait till the next update I need it now 😂

Game is good however...

A couple of things I'd like to express as bad factors of this game. People who have money will obviously win in fights because they can buy more Magatama, right? That being said this new Reiatsu thing, is stupid. If someone has more soul blades you take damage literally FOR NO REASON! A couple of other things. I don't think it's fair that you lose a fight just because someone has a super healer (orihime/Aizen) I do not think it's fair that just because the timer runs out and the person you're fighting has one character that continuously heals them self and you have all three of your characters that you lose that isn't fair I think it should be either tied, or rematched with someone. Automatic loss just because you couldn't beat them in the time frame is ridiculous because people in soul trial will lose for the timer, people in purgatory lose because they have orihime and the timer runs out and you get an automatic loss. Also shards, shards are next to impossible to get for certain characters like Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Shinji, and Kensei there should be more options for other players to get the shards even if it's through a certain episode of the game or a low drop rate just give them something when they aren't freaking VIP 12....same goes for the blood hogyokous, unless you're playing roulette which is money shaking to begin with you only get ONE if you're lucky....


I can't play the game without having to sign into Facebook and I don't have it!!! :(

Login via Facebook

Is the entire point of this app to harvest Facebook passwords?

Best Game Ever

This is the best game ever because the quality and gameplay is amazing also the graphics is amazing To thanks for creating this epic game

Why is Facebook a necessity


Th worst ever

This game is horrible don't get it the game won't even let me on it crashes every time I click on start

It’s fun

If your a fan you will get more of that bleach feeling to it and I like how they have basic fighting moves like block, Raid, and some other power which I cannot describe and I think a lot while fighting each soul reaper but I’m worry to fight Aizen and the other dudes I will feel I will get wreck really hard and overall it’s worth the playing even if your not a fan.

Hi guys

This game form China. Is to bad game. I want tell guys don’t play this game

Facebook only?

Downloaded the game. Did an extra load after download. Then cant even play unless you connect to facebook. I dont have facebook. Guess i cant play. Terrible choice on the makers behalf. Not everybody has social media.

Add Kaneki

Why don't you add Tokyo ghoul characters?please add them.

False advertisement.

Don't take a clip from J-Star and make people believe that's what they are downloading on their phone.

False advertising

Nothing like how it was portrayed in an ad, very disappointing.

Misleading Ad

Just like the title says, it's a one star just because of the fake ad. It's somewhat like the game, but not the entire thing. Please use a real ad next time instead of stealing from others. Overall the game is decent, better then most bleach games.

Great game, but not as great as Japanese counterpart

Don’t get me wrong, this is indeed an awesome game all in all...but the American version pales in comparison to the content available on the Japanese servers. If you YouTube ‘Bleach Death Awake Gameplay’ you can see a VAST roster of characters not available on this version as well as what appears to be regional specific features...maybe the US will see more in future updates?

Do you have to connect with Facebook?

what about us fans of the series who dislike social media and prefer to use an email or phone number to create an account like other games or is that not an option here?

It's good but, the commercials..

This is a good game don't get me wrong, but they copy from more popular games by taking footage from official games and using it as a commercial. Not cool.


NOTHING LIKE THE ADS!!!!! I thought it was 3D with nary to like fighting!!! Not a side scroller!!!!!

Me think 3D

I thought this fighting game was in 3D but it's ok I guess.

False Advertisement

Title says it all.

Not as advertised

The YouTube ad for this video was actually J-Stars Victory VS ... not this game. That shows a lack in confidence of their actual game. It straight up shouldn't be allowed. It's scummy.


Retarded how you need a Facebook account , not all of us are social media geeks

Fake news

I dont understand how you can advertise a different game and give me this, its honestly messed up to mislead people like this, and this is the second time a facebook game has done this exact thing, advertising a ninja storm clone for something like this. It should honestly be taken down for this if the Kardashians are being hit for misleading fans. Also as a side note the cocky description makes me want to fight the developer

How do I play

How I haven't figured out no game should be that hard to play

It looks like a good game

Can you please make a way to play without connecting to Facebook for people who don't have it.

Very good game

A great game but i just have one question Will this game continue to recieve updates and new characters just like the chinese version ?

Can't access my old account?

So I love the game, but I can't get my old account. Everyone is saying to link to Facebook and just click on your old server, but the problem is that on the version I was on, the server names are completely different (my server was called S1-Division 1), and there's nothing like that on these server lists. Just to be sure, I even just manually checked every single server this game allows, and nothing. The game I was on was called Soul Hunters in game, but was listed under the App Store as Spiritual Awakening, and I don't know why things are so different.

Worst game ever

The ad for this game was an ad for another game, Shonen jump super stars or something this is nothing like that don't download this game it's a scam.

broken server

this is a very fun game to play. however i am unable to get the game to work now. fix the server an my review shall be better


Doesn’t seem to be a support site. My game will no longer let me log on. Says failure to verify account. I have been playing this game for a little bit and have even donated to this game. Please help

Great game highly recommend it

Developers did a great job. Can't wait for more updates Join Americas 4 guild 11th division will help u out and give u #1 spot for rewards

Best game ever!

Really love the game and all the gameplay it has!! It has a variety of different games included. Overall favorite game in the AppStore.


After the update this game is back to being the best action game on any hand held device!! Thanks you guys!!! #lovethisgame!!!!

Can't find account!!!

I had a account on this game did what everyone else said to do and still can't get mine back why!! I did the Facebook thing and still didn't work help!!!

Fun game bad everything else

Fun game if you do not spend ive spent on previous app and one I do on new app it takes the money and runs with it of and there isn’t an app customer service website

Great game

Very fun game, especially for Bleach fan like me. Play it everyday, a lot of content to explore and many cool characters. Overall, I'm addicted to playing this game. Lol Give it a try, you'll like it 😁

Player review

It's a fun and easy to understand game to play with a helpful administrator as well.(I recommend this game to any and all bleach fans)

Best bleach game out there

Game is super fun and tons to do. The developer is really active and helpful. Currently on US server 5. There are fake copies of this game around, be careful. This one is the Legitimate one.

Best bleach game

By far the best bleach game to date, takes a little bit to update but once they do they update quite a bit of content at once, so is definitely worth it. The gameplay is extremely fun and fitting of a bleach game.

Awesome game

If you like bleach this is your game. Way better then brave souls

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